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Online Business Management

Focused & detailed support with the click of a mouse.

Partner with a support team that sees your brilliance.

Let's face facts: virtual assistants and business managers have sprung up like weeds overnight. Finding the best-fit agency to help you make significant strides forward is imperative.

You need a partner who will:

  • Hear your mission statement and understand your positioning so that every facet of your project aligns with your vision.
  • Seek to streamline the systems and processes you use within your business to close efficiency gaps and increase automation.
  • Be committed to your branding tenets (or help you establish them) to ensure your clients and prospects have long-term attraction.
  • Understand that your time is most valuable to your own business when spent with clients.
  • Work with you and your team in a focused and strategic way.
  • Establish timelines and ensure projects will come to fruition in a way that exceeds your expectations.


Take the first step in working with our team.

  • A primary requirement for acceptance on our team is having built a successful entrepreneurship previously. IE: We've built our own healthy businesses prior to SolutionScene.
  • All team members are versed in nearly every email broadcasting platform, CRM, website platform, design program, social media strategies, customer retention & service needs, and billing platforms.
  • We attend the most up-to-date training (quarterly) for each area of expertise.
  • We've established a unique, internal knowledge leveraging program to ensure any technology curveball a team member runs into is met with our collective expertise.
  • We solely support creative, coaching, speaker, and strategist entrepreneurial businesses to maximize our effectiveness for each client.


We're ready to discuss your next level of success. Are you?

Tell us what's on your visionary mind. We'll take it from there.

The online business world is overwhelmingly cluttered with white noise.  White noise that brings various questions, confusion and overwhelm to business owners with full plates.

Questions rolling around in your head may be:

  • Which social media platform is best for your niche?
  • Can you repurpose that old opt-in or is your audience ready for a new resource?
  • Is your client experience inefficient or under-whelming?
  • How can you start to leverage your intellectual property for recurring revenue?

Or, perhaps your question is as simple as, "Who will end this administrivia monotony I'm facing daily?"

The energy you're losing while wrestling these common entrepreneurial problems creates negative space - a void that's reducing your ability to make the jump to your next level of success.

To break through the ether of the service-based world, you must work with a team that's ready to roll up their sleeves.

[Enter: SolutionScene]

SolutionScene’s team of virtual assistants, project managers, and business managers prioritize your processes, systems, online presence and events for maximum efficiency... which creates a greater profit margin and allows you to work with your business in a way you love.

It's time to explore how we can get you one step closer to entrepreneurial bliss.

About SolutionScene

With over 3,631 combined projects, 7,115+ cups of coffee over the last year, and 920 hours of training,
SolutionScene is positioned to take over the daily tasks that keep you from working ON your business (instead of IN it).


Lacy (LJ) Seeger

CEO | Founder | Strategic Planning
LJ Seeger is the driving force behind SolutionScene’s team of writing and marketing experts. As a military spouse, successful 3x entrepreneur, and former international speaker, she’s infused her background into a full-scale agency for changemakers.
LJ has created an online consultancy that provides unprecedented support through marketing project management, and red carpet copywriting. LJ brings her knowledge of complex sales and marketing funnels to ensure your business growth never skips a beat. She believes every great launch begins with a killer plan and brings her extensive skills to the table for every client.
When LJ isn't writing plans, she spends her time speaking for various charities (both Cancer and Military-based), exploring historic sites with her family, and enamored by her purrrfect Persian, Gita.
SolutionScene Copywriters
SolutionScene_Virtual Assistance Symbol

Online Business Management

Direct Response | Content Creation | Website Copy

Our team of writers includes skilled professionals with a mastery of English, Spanish and French languages.  Whether opt-in, website rewrites, or campaign conversion copy, our team of 11 wordsmiths are ready to deliver writing beyond your wildest expectations.

Virtual Assistance

Event Planning | Masters of "To-Do" Lists

Our team of virtual assistants have over 63 years of combined experience. If you find yourself continually pushing your uncompleted tasklist to the following day... and the following day... or if you simply want to be doing MORE in your business without increasing your personal time commitment, our virtual masters work in both on-call and retainer styles to offer you tailored support.

SolutionScene Social Media

Project Management

Social Media Management | Content Posting | Strategic Plans

If you're a business owner looking to ramp up your social media efforts, or if you're simply looking to have a strategic plan to give your internal team a set path, our social media team delivers.  Facebook and LinkedIn are our primary platforms-of-choice, with current wait lists for Instagram and Twitter management.

Bring your passion & voice... We'll bring everything else.

Our agency connects prospects & clients with your authentic self.

Whether you have a full-blown marketing strategy that’s stalled and in need of a punch or you’re just starting out and staring at a blank page, we can help.

We require every client to possess one trait - enthusiasm! If you’re fired up by the prospect of continuing to build a world class business that generates an ironclad tightknit following, increased profits, and a brand that resonates with your high-end clientele, we might just be a fit.

We help high-performing entrepreneurs and small businesses by:

  • Partnering you with a dedicated Marketing Project Manager to plan, implement & launch your targeted campaigns.

  • Providing you with social media insights to know where to concentrate your time, money, and energy.

  • Creating expert copywriting to elicit instant attraction by your (dream!) prospective clients.

  • Delivering a no-fluff approach to reach the market immersion goals you’re looking to achieve.

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