7 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Copywriter

As I’m sitting here scrolling away on LinkedIn (yes, I get carried away sometimes), I happened upon a post that had me staring at the screen in disbelief. It was titled ‘How to Avoid Copywriting Costs’.

Red flags were littered all over this one. But if we’re all being honest, these types of articles have been littering the digital marketing space recently.

You may think it sounds easy enough, right? It’s easy if you want your words to become stagnant the moment they’re uploaded to your website… if they’re just to serve as “placeholders” for meaningless content in your online presence. However, if you’re truly wanting your content and message to work FOR you – to hold the authentic space for your audience to identify with you – you need a professional to strategically structure your prose.

There are so many benefits to hiring a copywriter for your business that I can hardly list them all – it was a struggle enough to narrow it down to 17! Let me give you some insight as to why it is crucial that you do not try to write your own copy.

#1: Efficiency, party of one?

Time is more valuable than money. Too often we are willing to sacrifice our time rather than pay a fee. To which I would simply respond, “Do not squander time – that is the stuff life is made of.” (a great Ben Franklin quote will never let you down, am I right?)

A copywriter saves you hours of work. This is their “jam,” their “element,” they’re “Rhett to your Scarlett”. Don’t buy into the easy, misguided thought process that copywriting is simply proofreading and great grammar. Let a professional handle it, who has already dedicated their time to this specific (ninja) skill, and save you those hours you could be putting towards your business.

#2: Experience

If anything, the value a copywriter brings to your table through his/her experience alone should be worth it. They are trained specifically to: write content for multiple platforms – be it social media, emails, blog posts, websites, ebooks, etc, maintain your brand, research and understand your audience’s unique interests and what they respond to, report the success of your copy, proofread and edit with pristine grammar, provide a variety of content all with the appropriate facts and credit, and so. Much. More.

You don’t go to your dentist expecting a haircut, do you? Don’t expect yourself or your assistant to be able to whip up an effective quick blog post or share your new promo. Even experts need to hire experts sometimes. Keyword: Effective!

#3: Grammar

Maybe I could have combined this into #1, but its such a nails-on-chalkboard experience to see, that it deserves it’s own discussion point!

I don’t know about you, but one of my pet peeves happens to be when someone is texting me and they use ‘texting grammar’. “U r so grate, thnks 4 dis cool list”.

No. Just… no.

It becomes exponentially worse when you are reading what appears to be a quality, professional page and you see this: “You’re business means the world to us.” or “Let’s us know how we can help you!” #truestories

Your value would be negatively impacted if you allowed a typo like that to escape into your published content. Hire a trusted professional, who will quadruple check each and every one of your pieces to ensure that NEVER happens.

#4: SEO and Content Strategy

So many people are unaware of the fact you can optimize your content for search engines – not just your website! As mentioned above, copywriters are wordsmiths. They create a voice for you that will carry through all of your content. Your followers will know exactly how and where to reach you, and you will be exposed to people who would have otherwise never known about you or your business.

But this is no easy task. It requires laser focus and dedication. Make sure you have a professional who can help you develop a strategy, based on your unique goals, that will utilize your content to launch you into success.

#5: Legalities

You never know whom you can trust, in today’s world. One of the worst possible things that could happen to a business is to have someone else steal your ideas. It is equally as bad if they steal your content.

A copywriter will be able to ensure that this never happens – and if it does, they will have the appropriate legal entities in place to safeguard you and your content, and charge anyone who attempts to plagiarize it. If you’re running a successful, professional business – shouldn’t you leave tasks solely to those that are equally professional?

#6: Cost-Effective

Are you scratching your head at this one? What if your hourly rate to your clients typically comes in at, say $300/hour. But you’re spinning your wheels, writing your own copy still. See? That’s just silly talk.

#7: Keep Your Business Ahead of the Rest

Did you know, on average, only 20% of potential customers read past your opening line? Yikes. Hey, no pressure!

Actually – yes! Tons of pressure! Your headline is key to grabbing those customers and keeping them hooked on your business. Who better than a professional to entrust with a task of this magnitude?

Here is the best part – the search for a professional copywriter is over!

If you are reading this post, you have already found a team of elite copywriters and digital marketers ready to take your business to the next level. Our team takes great care in choosing whom we work with.

Are you a successful entrepreneur or small business who’s looking for an elite copywriter to capture your audience’s interest? Schedule a one-on-one consultation call now to see if working together would be an unbelievably great fit.

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